The Voidager Epic

The Unknown awaits!

Anomalous Materials

CASC discovers a strange anomaly in the Cygnus Arm.

Released: 7/8/2022


Evelynth has strange seizures while working on the Astraeus Initiative.


Released: 7/15/2022​

Humanity First

Pritchard and Kazumi investigate strange occurrences during the Voidager Challenge. PRIME conducts a macabre experiment.


Released: 7/22/2022​

Into the Void

Stargazer I begins its journey into the Anomaly.

Released: 7/29/2022


The Stargazer emerges into unexplored territory.

Released: 8/5/2022​


The arrival of the Stargazer Crew creates mass confusion among the rest of the initiative.


The crew of the Stargazer adapts to their new surroundings, while a curious discovery about Space Madness is made.


Arley tracks Bonn and discovers many more Voidager crew members are missing


The Voidagers come to a disturbing realization.

Released: 9/9/2022

Hillcrest Ct.

Galaton awakes on Earth in the early 21st century

Released: 9/9/2022


Arley digs deeper into the criminal side of the new Void settlements.

Released: 9/16/2022

First Contact

Galaton tries to negotiate a solution among the factions while Rad conducts clandestine reconnaissance.

Released: 9/23/2022


Events grow increasingly disturbing at Hillcrest Court.

Released: 9/30/2022

Hunter’s Lair

Arley makes a startling discovery about the missing Voidagers.

Released: 10/07/2022


Ladipo and Rad try to avert disaster and go against the will of the council.

Released: 10/07/2022


Bonn and her new companions attempt to flee Hillcrest with help from a familiar face.

Released: 10/07/2022


The Voidagers of Homestead activate the new CogNet with disastrous results.

Released: 10/28/2022


The crew of the Stargazer reunites amid the Chaos.

Released: 10/29/2022​


The crew of the Stargazer attempts to regain control of the situation.

Released: 10/31/2022​


Bonn & Arley tap into the physics of the Void.

Released: 10/31/2022​