The Unknown Awaits!

The Astraeus Wants You!

The Cygnus Arm Sapien Collective would like to welcome you to the Astraeus Initiative, a special expeditionary endeavor for humanity.

The Story

The Voidager Epic is a fantastical tale of a strange anomaly in the Milky Way system, mysterious creatures, unimaginable worlds, and humanity’s strange fate. A tale of rediscovering humanity, through hope, bravery, and courage.

Prepare to explore the stars and discover new dimensions, as you gaze into the unknown of the void

Anomalous Materials

CASC discovers a strange anomaly in the Cygnus Arm.


Evelynth has strange seizures while working on the Astraeus Initiative.

Humanity First

Pritchard and Kazumi investigate strange occurrences during the Voidager Challenge. PRIME conducts a macabre experiment.